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Xiamen saint king biological technology co., LTD. Is located in xiamen food industrial park,Cover an area of an area3Million square meters;Set to grow、Research and development、Production、Sales、Logistics as one of the diversified enterprise group。

       The main products are at the moment:BinLangYu powder、Purple potato powder;BinLangYu circle、Purple potato、Sweet potato、Maccha circle、Quick-frozen BinLangYu article、Quick-frozen BinLangYu mud、Purple potato mud、Sweet potatoes;BinLangYu piece cans、BinLangYu grain sauce in cans、Canned BinLangYu mud、Purple potato piece cans、Purple potato granule sauce in cans、Purple potato yam mud in cans、Sweet potato piece cans and other products。This series of products can be widely used in baking、Dessert、Drink、Food and beverage and other industries。 

        We implement strict quality control for the whole process of production,To go throughISO9001Quality management system certification、ISO22000Food safety management system certification、BRC《The global food safety standards》System certification。Main partners are now:The group、Want want group、Kraft group、Super group、Ting hsin group、Fang group、cocoMilk tea、Fresh fruit juice、Garden, etc。

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