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Rushan city east silicone co., LTD

Rushan city east silicone co., LTD. Is located in rushan county industrial park in taixing city changqing road,Company rushan county railway station in the north,Qing wei highway in the south,To the Qingdao port、This port、Major only100Kilometers away,The traffic is very convenient。   The company covers an area of about3.5Million square meters,The factory construction according to the requirement of the modern factory completely,The layout is reasonable,Green area of forty percent,Clean and tidy,The environment is exquisite。   Company existing staff more than three hundred people,Among them、Senior technical personnel more than 30 people。The company mainly production and operation of fine silica、Coarse silica gel、Silica gel cat litter、Column layer chromatography silica gel、Blue gel indicator, etc. Series of products of different specification,The annual output4Ten thousand tons, Not only in the domestic silicone occupies a certain market share,At the same time also exports are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions,To satisfy the different customer's needs。The company has obtainedISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification,Now is for the euREACHLaws and regulations of registration。   Stick to rushan city east silicone co., LTD“The good faith management、Quality first、The user is supreme”The principle of,Willing to work with customers at home and abroad development of friendly relations of cooperation。Let us hand in hand、To strengthen cooperation、Create a better future。 “Oriental YuXiao,Mo to you early, All around castle peak man is not old,You've got a great view” ————Mao Zedon《Qingping·Making-friends》 Facing the new situation,Oriental will through reform and innovation of science and technology promote the competitiveness of the enterprise。 Looking to the future,The Oriental is confidence one hundred times,In the near future,“The east”The star will be more brilliant。

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