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    Qingyuan city future fertilizer co., LTD(Guangdong macro son chemical co., LTD),Was built in2005Years,Is a collection of textile auxiliaries,Research and development、Production、Sales、Technical support services for the integration of comprehensive large-scale production enterprise。 “People-oriented、Science and technology innovation”,Is the future of the company's business philosophy。After years of continuous development,The company has accumulated abundant technical force, Has a large number of experienced technical application and research and development of high-end talent and many countries approved by the provincial engineering technology research center,Licensed patent for utility model8Items,Invention patent9Items。

Future fertilizer successively with the Chinese academy of sciences institute of chemical industry、Donghua university、Guangzhou university and other colleges and universities to establish a long-term relations of cooperation,And in energy conservation and emissions reduction、Short process applications、Environmental governance, and other fields has achieved fruitful results。Future additives is equipped with automatic production lines and advanced experimental and testing equipment,And has perfect sewage treatment system and energy recycling systems。And USES the international advanced production process and process technology,Strictly implementedISO9001And the quality management systemISO14001Environmental management system standards。Products are widely used in textile printing and dyeing、Cleaning products、Ceramics and pesticide, etc,And passedSGS、REACH、ECO-PASSPORTInternational institutions such as certification。In order to meet the increasing needs of the production capacity,Additives in ambitions2016In the total investment1.2One hundred million yuan in sihui Jiang Gu fine chemical industry park, Built around50000Tons of large-scale printing and dyeing auxiliaries production base。

          “Leading technology、Quality and efficient、The customer is supreme、Service first”。Is the future fertilizer has been sticking to the marketing concept。  Future fertilizer has been,All pay attention to the development of marketing and sales network construction。To better adapt to the market and meet customer demand,Company in southeast Asia、Guangdong、Zhejiang、Jiangsu、Shandong、Fujian、Sichuan and other places set up offices and the corresponding marketing team,Provides the high quality service wholeheartedly for the general customer support。

  The company's main products The company mainly produces the following eight series of products:

  A、Pretreatment auxiliaries
  2、Long car auxiliaries 
  3、Dyeing auxiliaries
  Four、Feel is finishing auxiliaries
  Five、Functional finishing agent
  Six、The cowboy pulp dyeing and washing auxiliaries
  Seven、Chemical additives、
  Eight、All kinds of enzymes

Future additives main products:Wet rubbing fastness of environmental protection agent、Sunlight fastness agent、Water ice silicone oil、The ternary copolymerization silicone oil;Amino silicone oil;Stiffening agent;White mucilage;'Acidic soap lotion;:Acidic fixing agent;Printed neutral fixing agent;Mercerizing osmotic agent;Fixing agent;;Quick penetrating agent;Scouring enzyme;Chelating dispersant;In addition to the agent;Deepening of brightening agent;Oxygen bleaching stabilizer;Peel color agent;Cationic modification agent;The substitution alkali;The migration agent;Softener and enzyme products。

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